About Us

Carolina Children's Museum

A 501(C)(3) Nonprofit

"Bringing Play Back to Nature"

We are working hard to bring a nature-focused indoor/outdoor Children's Museum to southwest Wake County, North Carolina.

This Year's Goals

501 (c)3 Status: APPROVED!!!!


Community outreach through various events and offerings

Evaluate land/building opportunities

Gain partnerships within the community


Increase Volunteer Base

Spread our love of nature and learning through play



    Carolina Children’s Museum mission is to nurture educational connections between children, their families, the community and the environment through interactive and hands-on play.


    Carolina Children’s Museum’s vision involves creating an engaging and safe environment where children can interact with others and learn directly through play and hands-on experiences. 

     We focus on nature, healthy living, inclusiveness, sustainability and technology. 

    Our goal is to help children become healthy and active members of the community. 

     We want to encourage curious minds and set a precedent for eager learning in the future. 

    In addition, we encourage children to reach their full potential as citizens by fostering understanding of positive environmental actions that have global impact.